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Gairik Banerjee
Bishop's College, Calcutta
Profitability Enhancement and Expansion - a few Suggestions
for Reverend Dr. S. Michael Caleb
from gairik, 2020-03-20-Fri
[These are suggestions only. It should be understood that all cannot be attempted at the same time.]
01. Practical Training & Lay Ministry
02. Transform into an Online University
03. Collaboration with International Institutions
04. New Courses
05. "William Carey" Counseling Center
06. "Derozio" Apologetics, Ethics & Culture Center
07. "Michael Madhusudan Dutt" School of Christian Choral & Western Classical Music
08. Satelite Campuses

Humbly, this document was written with a perspective that is the product of my personal Christian beliefs, as well as my professional training and long years in international business. 


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