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Gairik Banerjee
Bishop's College, Calcutta

Counseling Vertical

On the Bishop's College premises, one assumes, there is already a department of Counseling. 

Such a Counseling Department should be extended into a Counseling Center (in-call and out-call), providing its services, on a selectively for-profit basis, to the citizenry at large. 

It will be manned by Counseling faculty and students, as selected by the Principal. 

The clientele may also be curated or qualified by Bishop's College. 

In addition to traditional (marriage, etc.) counseling, services should be extended to include life-coaching, etc. 

One specialized area that we could target to help with is Addiction Counseling and Addiction Treatment.  This would of course include Tobacco, Alcohol, Narcotic Substance abuse, Eating Disorders and the more conventionally addressed addictions, from both Christian and a Secular / Medical perspectives.  But it would be nice to offer a specialization on Pornography Addiction, which is growing very quickly in just about all societies, and for which Treatment or Counseling is not yet commonly available, at least in the Calcutta area. 

Another unit one could consider might be a Center for Christ-centered Healing.  For such a Faith-based Healing Center, one might collaborate with an institution like Charis Bible College, operated by the Andrew Wommack Ministries International ( of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 

Some or all of the in-patient clinics should be located in the area churches in the evenings.  Evenings because of scheduling convenience of both the clients and the venues.  Using the churches as the venues will be a way to bring people into the churches, including familiarizing the churches to persons who would not normally go there.  Also, a small portion of the revenues earned from the clients could be used to provide a small additional stream of income for churches' staff, etc. 

A Rose, by any other name . . . . would smell as sweet!