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Innovative Ecologics OY
-- Helsinki | St, Petersburg | Hamburg | Vilnius | Dubai
Nordische Energie
-- Germany | India | UK | Spain
Nordische Tech
-- Germany | India | UK | Saudi Arabia | Bangladesh
Devenir Capital
-- Dubai | Mauritius | Zurich | Paris

A ( British Raj Loyalist ) Europhile's Back-Story:
Nahoum, Kalman et Compagnie
A (Indo-) European Foods Venture, in
Calcutta ( Kolkata ), West Bengal, India

I am an Entrepreneur by Calling and Practice, and an International Business Development functional specialist by Vocation and Experience.  I've also had some exposure to Investment Banking, having helped raise Funding for various ventures in the past. 

With my academic degrees in International Commerce, Law and an MBA, and a Ph.D. (in post-Soviet Trade Policy) that remains uncompleted, I have been a Corporate Executive or a Businessman for most of my professional career. 

These days based out of Calcutta, India, I am a business-owner, Company Director and Business Advisor. 

Résumé (from long ago)
-- will be updated, someday, whenever I get around to it.
For now, try --
Profile - from my past - 1990s-2000s
Info needed for Share Allocations,
Independent Directorships &/ Advisorships

Below are a few other enterprises / institutions with which I have been associated. 
C a l c u t t a  D e l i
Viridian Seeds
C@ledonian $eaweed | CalSeAgro
Bishop's College
Beijing Global Technotrade
Yotto Labs
Orient Green Power Europe BV
Enron | Kissinger Think Tank
Walmart International
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bill Clinton's Presidential Campaign
Place Siddons & Gough


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