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"Gairik.com" Banerjee
Corp. Advisor Greenvangelist  Δ  Greentrepreneur
Co. Director

Vanuatu Passport Agency
(from the 2000s)

Innovative Ecologics

EV Tech
| Green H2

AL-Graphene Batt.

Raising FUNDING for
Waste Motor Oil
----> Δ ---->
Low-Sulfur Marine Diesel

External Asset Mgmt

Offshore Corp Svcs

Non-GMO Super Legumes
ALT+Meat: Saving Planet Earth
Whisky Cask Investment

Pubs ...
Who is Gairik?
01.   A geographic savant polyhistor at the intersection of FAITH, Science, Geopolitical Prophesy and the Literary Arts -- Gairik is an Entrepreneur by Calling and Practice, and an Intl. Business Development functional specialist by Vocation and Experience. He has also had some exposure to Investment Banking, having helped raise Funding for various ventures in the past. With academic degrees in International Commerce, Law and an MBA, and a Ph.D. (in Geopolitics / post-Soviet Policy) that remains uncompleted (AbD), he has enjoyed an illustrious professional career spanning 4 continents.

What does Gairik do?
Gairik mentors (mainly GreenTech, mostly Early-Stage) Start-ups (located in various countries across the globe), working on projects / ventures / technologies seeking to mitigate Climate Change / Global Warming; or otherwise create or sustain positive Social Change, and Ethical Business.
contd. below ...
Profile Summary: "Gairik.com" Banerjee
  • Company Director  |  Corporate Advisor  |  Entrepreneur
  • Greenvangelist  |  Greentrepreneur  |  Greenfluencer
  • Geopolitics & International Political Affairs Advisor
  • International Business Development Professional
  • Helping various Power Storage and other Greentech Startups to get them funded, bring their products to market, and unlock their value.
  • Created new template -- TBDAC -- for promoting and reducing the cost of DAC (Direct-Air-Capture), by coupling with Thermal Batteries (for District Heating / Cooling applications) fed by Curtailment-Excess Wind and Solar Energy generation overages and intentionally planned redundant capacities. 
  • Facilitated development of Marine Biome-Non-Disruptive Tidal Power and Seaweed Farming in the Faroes, Shetlands, Orkneys, Hebrides. and Phytoplankton Seeding (with volcanic ferrous gravel) in the Dogger Bank & Grand Bank.
  • Operated multiple family businesses spanning Real Estate / Hospitality and Food to Chemicals / Metallurgy and Greentech. Built Renewable Energy company (Wind / Solar / WHR / WtE / Tidal) from the ground up in Europe, putting together project pipeline of over 4000 MW, facilitating tech transfer / JVs with small transnational Green Energy technology-providers.
  • Captained (as Geschäftsführer): Aarønsson Von Hapsbürg-Röthschild (investment funding sourced from the House of Al-Sabah, dynastic rulers of the Kingdom of Kuwait) - CapEx funding for a number of projects, mainly in the Energy and Infrastructure sectors, focused on Ukraine / CEE. Advised on M&A activities.
  • Led Frontiers-Odyssey Consulting (closely affiliated to Henry Kissinger, Samuel Huntington, former Sen. J. William Fulbright, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, various think-tanks, the Pentagon, and Enron Intelligent Energy Group), focusing on energy security, U.S. national security, asymmetric defense and international development priorities:
    • Advised East European Governments / Agencies on privatization and entrepreneurship.
    • Conducted seminars (Visiting Guest Lecturer): at the USDoD's Naval Postgraduate School and College of Advanced Military Leadership, FAO Program (Monterrey, California).
    • Designed USDoD Counter-Terrorism's (then Secret) 'Dar Hamadi' Initiative setting up Girls' Madrassah schools and Operation 'Naaj Vayi' distributing free bicycles for tribal village girls to ride to these schools -- across the (nominally) 'Federally Administered' Yusufzhai / Qashkai-Luri / Uyghur / Hazara / Orakzhai / Afridi 'Tribal Areas' and the Burushaski / Pashtun / Dari-speaking Af-Pak-Tajik borderlands in the high Hindu Kush, North-West Frontier Province and the Panjshir / Pamir / Kara Koram-adjacent areas -- Kaffiristan / Hunza / Badakshan / Vakhan Corridor.
    • Conceived and helped to set up system of Waste Heat-based (GHG-reducing) mini-Thermal power plants (and Greenhouses) at Gas Turbine nodes adjoining Booster Stations across the interior heartlands of Russia and Ukraine, along the Soyuz, Yamal, Druzhba, Altai, Sakhalin and other Pipelines, transporting Natural Gas (in some cases all the way to Spain and Portugal) from (sometimes) as far away as Chukhotka Poluostrov and Penzhina Guba in the Russian Far East -- hunting for gas leaks and escaping steam across the Arctic Taiga and Tundra -- traveling by dog-sled, sometimes for hundreds of lonely miles in gale-force winds howling across the otherwise silent, ice-bound winter wonderland of the Siberian wilderness, deep in the bottomless northern snowbanks of the Ob, the Lyena, the Tungska and the Yenisey.
    • Sarlux (548 MW) IGCC power plant and power distribution network (Sardegna, Italy).
    • Clathrates (top-secret) project, Mediterranean, Kabylia, North African Continental Shelf.
    • Nowa Sarzyna (116 MW) Gas-based CHP venture (Poland).
    • TGS (Transportadora de Gas del Sur) gas pipeline (Argentina).
  • Pioneered web-centric staffing business for the Trade Shows, Conventions and Promotions industry. Created Models Inc., Hollywood’s first web-centric model / talent agency (Talent Marketing) and portal (One Model Place).
  • Lobbied the Clinton (42nd) White House & US Congress. Wrote two paragraphs of the report language for the NAFTA (which was later ported to the CEFTA and the MERCOSUR) and deposed before the 104th Congress of the United States on International Trade (and Duty Drawback) matters.
  • Started Wal-Mart International (a division of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.), heading up Latin American and European business development.
  • Advised US Presidential candidate and key US Senate and Congressional (House) staffers, and formulated campaign position recommendations based on East European and post-Soviet policy research.
  • Authored white paper (‘Food for Wood’ brief) postulating an US-Russian mutual economic recovery pact based on a proposed triangular relationship between US Big Timber, remote Siberian district administratsyii (e.g., Irkutskaya Oblast, Tyumenskaya Oblast, Yakutskaya Oblast), and the Trans-Siberian Railway (then controlled by the Krasnye Armye (Soviet Red Army).
    All Rights acquired by Special Activities Group VA | Dai-Ichi Kangyō JP.
  • Managed client public stock offerings / private placements, and Ultra High Net Worth accounts, including a few legacy, post-Privy Purse Indian Princely States (Maharajah / Nawab families' Estates / Living Trusts) for Place, Siddons & Gough (Brokerage House & Merchant Bank) | Calcutta Stock Exchange: Covenanted Assistant; Sikkim & Cochin Stock Exchanges: Member.
  • Coined slogan, The North Star Man – the World at his feet, used to market brand for decades, @ Bata> (Czech-Dutch-Canadian-Swiss Footwear MNC) | ‘Fast-Track’ Management Trainee – Completed 12-mo training in 5.
  • Engaged (from College days) as minor actor, and photo model for Hindustan Latex (prophylactics), Adidas (sportsgear) and Bata Ambassador (shoes, also PR / spokesperson), etc.
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... contd. from above
03.   Gairik is very selective about which Clients he chooses to work with. If a Client's product and/or business does not interest him, or its Management does not inspire confidence and trust, or if he feels that he is unlikely to be able to add positive value -- he will not take them on (generally referring them on to a sleight of other resources that might be a better fit).
04. For the Clients he does take on -- Gairik strives to guide his Startup clients to optimal widespread adoption / acceptance of their core biz / tech / concepts, ground their (sometimes over-optimistic) confidence / ebullience with business 'Reality Checks', helps them analyze what resources they need, and how best to access them, proposes summary Key Events Critical Path options and Milestone-Mapping.
05. Further, Gairik provides education to clients (who seek it) in the context-driven benefits of (multi-entity, multi-jurisdictional) Offshore Structures, where warranted.
06. Gairik also provides a certain amount of (top-management / board-level) hand-holding to set them on a sustainable path to success.
07. As a token of confidence, Gairik sometimes takes a (generally minority) stake in the Advisee companies.
08. Most of Gairik's Clients tend to be Pre-IPO / Pre-Pre-IPO, often Pre-First Round, and seek Equity Funding (almost NEVER Debt) -- Pre-Seed / Seed / Angel / Crowdfunding / VC (Venture Capital) / PE (Private Equity); and in a few rare cases, Fully-Convertible Unsecured Junior / Senior Debt. Gairik networks with International Fundors of various kinds, from (Single- / Multi-) Family Offices (to Pension Funds to Sovereign Wealth Funds) to PE / Hedge Funds. When any Fundor's (strategic and/or tactical) investment objectives / appetites match with his Advisee Client's 'Ask', they strive to Match-make -- Connect MATCHING Equity-Providers and Funding-Seekers.
09. At this time, Gairik is based out of Kolkata, India, although most of his work / clients tend to be far away. Gairik works throughout the world, remotely, which, since the Covid19 pandemic, has turned out to be the most productive way to work (for his type of work), at least for Gairik.

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Below are a few of the enterprises / institutions with which Gairik has been associated (with widely divergent degrees of involvement!).
Calcutta Stories Deli & Restaurants
     A (British Raj Loyalist) Europhile's Back-Story:
Nahoum, Kalman et Compagnie :
A (Indo-) European Foods Venture, in
Calcutta, Bengal, India
C@ledonian $eaweed | Heroica | CalSeAgro
Viridian Seeds
Bishop's College
Beijing Global Technotrade
Yotto Labs
Aaronsson Von Habsburg-Rothschild
ABC Metallurgicals
Orient Green Power Europe BV
Enron | Kissinger Think Tank
Walmart International
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bill Clinton's Presidential Campaign
Place Siddons & Gough
     A Hundred Years Ago and Today (circa 1957 A.D.)
     Caste and Politics -- Economic&Political Weekly,
Vol. 5, Issue No. 49, 05 Dec, 1970 

Résumé (from long ago)
-- will be updated, someday, whenever Gairik gets around to it.
For now, try --
Profile - from Gairik's past - 1990s-2000s

Info needed for Share Allocations / Independent Directorships /
Corporate Advisorships, or similar.


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