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"Gairik.com" Banerjee
Corp. Advisor Greenvangelist  Δ  Greentrepreneur
Co. Director

Vanuatu Passport Agency
(from the 2000s)

Innovative Ecologics

EV Tech
| Green H2

AL-Graphene Batt.

Raising FUNDING for
Waste Motor Oil
----> Δ ---->
Low-Sulfur Marine Diesel

External Asset Mgmt

Offshore Corp Svcs

Non-GMO Super Legumes
ALT+Meat: Saving Planet Earth
Whisky Cask Investment

A few Articles, Publications, other related

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I am an Entrepreneur by Calling and Practice, and an International Business Development functional specialist by Vocation and Experience. I've also had some exposure to Investment Banking, having helped raise Funding for various ventures in the past. With academic degrees in International Commerce, Law and an MBA, and a Ph.D. (in Geopolitics / post-Soviet Policy) that remains uncompleted, I have been a Corporate Executive / Businessman for most of my professional career, spanning 4 continents. At this time, I'm based out of Kolkata, India, although most of my work / clients are far away. I work throughout the world, remotely, which, since the Covid19 pandemic, has turned out to be the most productive way to work (for my type of work), at least for me.

I mentor (mainly GreenTech, mostly Early-Stage) Start-ups (located in various countries across the globe), working on projects / ventures / technologies seeking to mitigate Climate Change / Global Warming; or otherwise create or sustain positive Social Change, and Ethical Business. I am very selective about which Clients I choose to work with. If a Client's product and/or business does not interest me, or its Management does not inspire confidence and trust, or if I feel that I am unlikely to be able to add positive value -- I will not take them on (generally referring them on to a sleight of other resources that might be a better fit). For the ones I do take on -- leveraging my past experience and other resources: I strive to guide my Startup clients to optimal widespread adoption / acceptance of their core biz / tech / concepts, ground their (sometime over-optimistic) confidence / ebullience with business 'Reality Checks', help them analyze what resources they need, and how best to access them, propose summary Key Events Critical Path options and Milestone-Mapping. Further, I provide education to clients (who seek it) in the context-driven benefits of (multi-entity, multi-jurisdictional) Offshore Structures, where warranted. I also provide a certain amount of (top-management / board-level) hand-holding to set them on a sustainable path to success. As a token of confidence, I sometimes take a (generally minority) stake in the Advisee companies.

Most of my Clients tend to be Pre-IPO / Pre-Pre-IPO, often Pre-First Round, and seek Equity Funding (almost NEVER Debt) -- Pre-Seed / Seed / Angel / Crowdfunding / VC (Venture Capital) / PE (Private Equity); and in a few rare cases, Fully-Convertible Unsecured Junior / Senior Debt. I network with International Fundors of various kinds, from (Single- / Multi-) Family Offices (to Pension Funds to Sovereign Wealth Funds) to PE / Hedge Funds. When any Fundor's (strategic and/or tactical) investment objectives / appetites match with any Advisee Client's 'Ask', we strive to Match-make -- Connect MATCHING Equity-Providers and Funding-Seekers.

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Below are a few of the enterprises / institutions with which I have been associated (with widely divergent degrees of involvement!).
Calcutta Stories Deli & Restaurants
     A (British Raj Loyalist) Europhile's Back-Story:
Nahoum, Kalman et Compagnie :
A (Indo-) European Foods Venture, in
Calcutta, Bengal, India
C@ledonian $eaweed | Heroica | CalSeAgro
Viridian Seeds
Bishop's College
Beijing Global Technotrade
Yotto Labs
Aaronsson Von Habsburg-Rothschild
ABC Metallurgicals
Orient Green Power Europe BV
Enron | Kissinger Think Tank
Walmart International
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bill Clinton's Presidential Campaign
Place Siddons & Gough
     A Hundred Years Ago and Today (circa 1957 A.D.)
     Caste and Politics -- Economic&Political Weekly,
Vol. 5, Issue No. 49, 05 Dec, 1970 

Résumé (from long ago)
-- will be updated, someday, whenever I get around to it.
For now, try --
Profile - from my past - 1990s-2000s

Info needed for Share Allocations / Independent Directorships /
Corporate Advisorships, or similar.


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