Professional Profile -- 2002-Nov





Gairik (Gary) Banerjee
is a particularly fine example of the classic American Dream and success story.  Arriving in '80s America a penniless immigrant, this down-to-earth and hands-on American Indian industrialist is the Founder (and major stockholder) of a number of concept companies across the United States and beyond.  Some of the companies entrepreneured by him, or under his stewardship, are enumerated below

    As an Investor, Advisor and Board-member, he continues to be internationally involved with various other organizations, charities and enterprises – as diverse as Software, Porcelain-Crystal, Oceanic Shipping, Genomics and Viral Research, Military Contracting and Fashion Apparel. 

    Amongst the various non-profit or charitable organizations Gary has supported, or been involved with, are – United Way, the United Methodist Church, Peace Corps, World Wildlife Fund, Habitat for Humanity, Children's Miracle Network, Friends of Trees, Sierra Club and Sisters of Mercy. 

    A professional Marketer and International Business Development veteran at different windows on a successful executive career – Gary has graduate degrees in business and law, and considerable experience with both the media and the consumer sector – with diverse Fortune 500 multinational companies in the United States, Latin America, Asia and Europe – in the areas of Marketing, Business Development and Strategic Management.  In addition to serving in the private sector, Gary has advised governments in Eastern and Central Europe, primarily on issues relating to Privatization and International TradeCLICK HERE for a detailed Resumé.

    Gary's professional past and present encompass the following:


•  Investment Cos.:
     –    Adrian Nigel Cross Trust Cos. / Hunter-McBride
     –    Aaronsson Windsor Rothschild Holdings

•  Holding Companies:
     –    AMPV (American Motion Picture & Video)
     –    AYBC (Aaronsson Youngblood Banerjee & Co.)

•  Publishing/Entertainment Industry-Showbiz:
     –    Models, Inc.
     –    Photographer Directory
     –    Talent Marketing .Company
     –    CASTMARK Television & Motion Picture Casting
     –    Comp Card Store
     –    Talent Muse Magazine
     –    Eros Aramis et Compagnie
•  Employment Services:
     –    Convention Temps
•  Software & Telecommunications Technology:
     –    AGNT.NET
           –   American Global Network Telecomunications
     –    Dreamweaver Entertainment, Grand Cayman
     –    Webscape Communications Corporation
     –    Voyager Technologies, Inc.
     –    Virus Wars Gaming
     –    Predator Counter-Terrorism
•  Bio-tech / Genetic Engineering & Research:
     –    Poseidon-Zhushkov DNA Mapping
     –    Andromeda Viral Genomics and Delivery Systems
•  Military (Defense Contracting) / Intl. Trading-Development:
     –    Frontiers-Odyssey Industries plc.
        Former Soviet Bloc
            –    Lucremeora Danube-Carpathian Trading Company
                  –    Machinenbau DunaRea Transylvanien GMBH
                                A Dacia Motors Ancilliary Unit

            –    Каспийская Закавказская Транспортная Компания
            –    Памиро-Алтайские Дистрибьюторы (Tadzhik Republic)
        Latin America
            –    Rio Amarillo Terra y Minas, Ltda.
            –    Andes Yerba Maté, S.A.
            –    Guano Inca, S.A. de C.V.
        Middle East
            –    Haroun Al-Maghreb Trading, Bayrut-Tunis-Tangier
            –    Malekaviyah As-Suwriat Ash-Shamal Al-Silayeh, Dimashq-Amman
•  Other:
     –    East Caribbean-Gran Canaria Oceanic Lines, Ld.
     –    Avalon SubAtlantic Resources, Pte. Ld.
            –    MacKenzie-O'Kildare-Olafssen
                   Grand Bank & North Atlantic Plankton
     –    St. Lawrence Valley FirstFruits Produce
     –    Ft. Worth and Western States Housing and Development
     –    Heartland Trash & Landfills
     –    New Jersey-Edison Power and Light
     –    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
     –    Bata
     –    P&G
     –    BAT Industries
     –     The U.S. Dept. of Commerce
     –     The Governments of:
                   Rio Grande Do Sul (Brasil)