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A1.  Product Description:
Innovative Ecologics' hard surface, fabric, or mesoporous structure impregnation and chemical technologies are not limited to stopping Fires, Ice, Sound, or Viruses and Microorganisms.

Innovative Ecologics has also developed next-generation hydrophobic technologies that prevent water and liquid molecules from invading fabrics and other porous structures, including paper, while preserving flexibility, maintaining non-toxicity, and of course eco-friendliness through allowing industries that rely on hydrophobic paper products from 95% to 100% recyclability, whereas before only 5%-10% was feasible, thus saving users and producers massive amounts on product acquisition and production, thus substantially removing pressure on forestry and paper industry overall cellulose consumption.

WaterStop™, like our other chemical products, is inexpensive and simple to mass-produce and apply, resulting in an all-round product and technology that is as practical as it is accessible and effective for your investment or industry goals.

Industries such as cardboard and paper-based products, the paper-coffee-cup industry, Deli dish and bakery packaging, construction and lumber, liquid consumable paper-product-packaging industry, and other specialty products and fabrics, permit for up to 100% reduction in these products ending up in a landfill due to the industry's use of out-dated plastic-lining, and requiring users to continue expending financial resources on out-dated packaging products.

WaterStop has massive potential in the residential and commercial real-estate construction materials sectors as well as upholstery and carpet applications in homes, vehicles, cinemas and event centers, giving massive opportunity to investors and the opportunity for end-users and property owners and developers to save with the future that WaterStop provides.

Our environmentally-friendly hydrophobic treatments for paper, cardboard and other cellulose products include chemically modified polymers of natural origin that provide film-like formations, alongside other hydrophobic agents and functional additives that provide the required rheology, drying speed, and film strength.

Certain mixtures can be customized to last specific amounts of time, such as when an industrial process may require about 30 minutes of direct contact with water, and then wash off during production environments in industry.

Applied as an aqueous solution to reduce environmental impact.

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