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RevoBatt Next-Gen Battery Cell Tech
A1.  Product Description:
RevoBatt™ is a proprietary, next-generation quantum leap in battery technology with extremely far-reaching implications to an extremely vast number of industries. It's ecological impact is equally profound.

Applications are near limitless -- not only in land and air vehicles, consumer and electronic power sectors. but, with far reaching implications in the construction, health, defense, aerospace, maritime, space and airship, as well as world energy production and storage sectors.

RevoBatt™ is a sodium-ion graphene nano-structure battery, utilizing a solid electrolyte cell unit. it is approximately 500%-1000% more efficient in energy capacity to weight ratio than current Li-ion technologies and is safer both to the consumer and the environment by orders of magnitude.

Sporting meager production costs, virtually non-existent hazardous materials and harmful by-products, as well as almost ZERO manufacturing safety concerns from the battery's production side.

RevoBatt™, a true, No-BS, next-generation solution to the world's future electric land, air, water and space vehicle needs, is to have just as much impact on the future understanding of energy and energy storage frameworks going forward.

RevoBatt™ technologies are opening entirely new and currently non-extant sectors for exploitation by forward thinking investors and companies, thus places Innovative Ecologics on the world stage as a powerhouse for technologic change on a planetary scale.

Our scientists are honored to be the research group to birth a profound world-changing technology such as RevoBatt™.

Join us with the battery of tomorrow, today.
The Sodium-ion battery was developed on principles researched solely by Innovative Ecologics, using internal nano-carbon structures, along with molecularly suspended elemental sodium molecules, a proprietary, hybrid, graphene separator, next-gen graphene anode and cathode fillers and a proprietary, hybrid, electrolyte along specialized current collectors.

The system was proven in lab settings to increase specific capacity from 400 WH/kg and upward, elementary cell voltage up to 3.5 volts, as well as an increase of up to 10,000 charge-discharge cycles while maintaining up to 90% of the battery's capacity.

The basic composition of the electrode masses permit for the complete lack of toxic compounds. The total production cost of a sodium battery is significantly lower than a lithium polymer one. Not only based solely upon the cost of Sodium as compared to Lithium. but, because of the toxic chemicals and processes involved and the safety concerns during manufacturing, and concerns during usage, of Lithium-Polymer systems.

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