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Founder and chief architect of the AYBC Group: including Models, Inc. which, (in the mid-1990s) created – and pioneered the development of – the Online Talent Marketing industry, and changed the way the Production Advertising Industry and the Production Entertainment Industry (Hollywood) approach 'below-the-line' Casting. CLICK HERE for a Press Release/PR Profile.

Other –

  • Successfully lobbied the 104th Congress of the United States, and the Treasury Department. 
  • Facilitated the crafting of report language for N.A.F.T.A. (The North American Free Trade Agreement), and G.A.T.T. (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade).
  • Participated in Congressional Deposition on Free Trade. 
  • Engineered offshore business development/market-entry for US Fortune 500 Co. into Latin America. 
  • Business Adviser to former Soviet Bloc countries. 
  • Multifunctional experience with Trade, Consumer Goods, Advertising and Entertainment. 
  • Background in global sourcing, technology transfer, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. 
  • Paradigm-flexible and Supply Chain-focussed partnership-builder. 
  • Motivational and people-oriented team-builder. 
  • Graduate training in Business Administration, International Law and Information Systems. 




AYBC <– Aaron Windsor Rothschild <– Models Inc.NETworks
[Part-time since Feb '92, full-time since Oct ’95]

Business Description:  
(1) Model & Talent Marketing, and Casting (Motion Pictures, Television, Commercials, Print Ads).
(2) Helping Advertisers and Promotion Producers to design and engineer advertising or promotional campaigns.
(3) Salesfront Staffing Solutions – for Appearance-driven employment situations.
(4) Beauty Pageant Production and Celebrity Handling.
     And much more.

Responsibilities:  Founder • President • Major Stockholder.


  • Successfully transitioning to a very different environment – from international marketing to the Entertainment industry – a personal accomplishment of greater magnitude than it sounds.
  • Taking a small Talent firm and turning it into the technology-driven market-leader in Talent recruitment and marketing.
  • Growing by a large factor the firm's revenues, client (models/talent) and customer (seekers of models/talent) bases. 
  • Creating and developing a new business based on a few original and extremely courageous new concepts, which include –
    • (Visual) Talent can be marketed from a virtual storefront,
    • Talent can be marketed wholesale – to resellers, with a residual interest on a devolving Contract,
    • A secondary market (akin to futures or options) can be created to trade Talent – similar to Professional Sports.
  • Developing the technology gateway to create and sustain a new business concept – "Visual Talent Virtual Marketing".
  • Restructuring firm from a narrow retail orientation to a wholesale focus, and setting up an extended distribution network.
  • Initiating a new and totally different profit-center – Salesfront Staffing – a very new concept and a growth industry.
  • The Odyssey is ongoing, as the company expands into a group of companies with diverse interests, fueled by a common engine. 



Frontiers-Odyssey International
[From Sep ’95]

Business Description:  
(1) Consulting firm serving multi-sector clientele with Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, Privatization, Market Entry, Business Development, Marketing, Strategy, Export, Import and other needs;

(2) Agency Services for foreign and US companies, and Trading with Central/Eastern Europe.

Responsibilities:  Partner and Executive Vice-president– working with diverse client-mix – engaged in international trade, business development and consulting, mostly with companies from/entering Romania, Poland, and the CEFTA and EU trade areas. Industries served span – Porcelain, Fragrances, Military Apparel and Food. 


  • International Agency/Representation Services:
    • Relationship development and acting as US Agent for foreign companies selling in the US market, or buying from the US market.
    • Also representation services to foreign companies selling or investing in
      • Russia,
      • Ukraine,
      • Poland,
      • Romania,
      • Uzbekistan,
      • Tajikstan,
      • and also other areas, such as
        • Czechia-Slovakia,
        • Hungary,
        • Belarus,
        • Georgia,
        • Armenia,
        • Turkmenistan,
      • Latin American markets.
  • Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions:
    • Forging synergistic relationships between companies
      • in different countries,
      • in the same industry,
      • serving different parts of common supply chains, or
      • otherwise positioned to complement each others’ strengths.
    • For state-owned and other enterprises in the former Soviet Bloc:
      • Privatization assistance,
      • strategy development,
      • management restructuring and
      • marketing realignments to smooth transition to Market Economies.
  • International Marketing:
    • taking companies into the international market and developing an export client-base in
      • the former Soviet Bloc,
      • South America, and
      • the Middle East.
  • Import:
    • Streamlining import operations,
    • Outsourcing/negotiating and developing offshore production,
    • Helping clients with customs, freight forwarding, transportation and distribution issues.
  • Other:
    Also assist clients in other areas –
    • Advertising/Promotion, Communications/PR, Catalogs, Trade Shows, Distribution Channels, Sales Organization, Supply-chain management and miscellaneous marketing issues.



The Wal-Mart Group
[Sep ’89 - Sep ’95]

Business Description:  International retail, consumer products and distribution conglomerate.

Responsibilities:  Analyst/Manager/Director over different projects/areas – Exports, Imports, certain International Taxation & Tariffs issues, Transportation, South American Regulatory Compliance& Trade Policy, Business Development and Supply Chains.


  • Export/Business Development:
    • Developed a partnership with trade associations and government sources in Washington to create an industry NAFTA / GATT platform and facilitate its passage into law.
    • Leadership in international development/marketing team in Latin America, focussing on new markets – Argentina, Brazil, México and Chile. Coordinated
      • startup and preoperative activities,
      • managed new market development,
      • legal and
      • logistics issues.
    • Conducted trade fairs and marketing events for Latin American vendors, and focussed on developing supplier-base and partnerships.
    • Generated exports into Latin America (US$s 2 Billion +).
  • Imports:
    • Managed
      • Import Sourcing,
      • Logistics and customs;
      • Letters of Credit;
      • Factory Inspections;
      • Vendor Compliance;
      • Overseas Offices.
    • Supervised Affiliates and Agencies in
      • South America,
      • Europe and S/W Asia (US$s 326.9 Million +).
    • Developed the
      • Customs pre-class program for both US and foreign markets (US$s 1 Billion +),
      • Foreign Sales Corporations and
      • Duty Drawback (US$s 24.2 Million).
    • Helped coordinate damage control after media debacle.
  • Other:
    • Vendor Relations,
    • Merchandising,
    • Systems,
    • EDI,
    • Forecasting,
    • POS replenishment and
    • Inventory Management,
    • Service and
    • The Total Quality program.
    • Graduated and facilitated at the Sam Walton Institute of Retailing.



The Bata Organization
[May ’88 - May ’89]

Business Description:  Footwear, Sporting Goods and Apparel

Responsibilities:  Export Marketing


  • Training:
    Underwent district manager training program, and
  • Marketing management:
    Helped launch new Adidas-Power-North Star product lines in Asian market.



P & G
[Apr ’84 - May ’88]

Business Description:  Commercial and Merchant (Investment) Banking and financial services.

Responsibilities:  Mergers and Acquisitions Adviser, Securities and Exchange Trader.


  • Account management:
    • for IPOs,
    • mergers & acquisitions and
    • capital syndication.
  • Research management:
    Bureau of Economic Analysis and Research – initiated new product offerings and increased annual sales billing 3000%.
  • Communications/Media management:
    Increased newsletter circulation 900%.
  • Financial:
    Acquired stock exchange membership.




  • Ph.D. (International Trade) (Not Completed)
  • M.B.A.
  • LL.M./M.P.P.M. (graduate student and tutor)
  • M.Com.
  • Law Degree
  • Baccalaureate (Bachelor's Degree)




  • Competent enduser of most popular Office, Graphics and Web-development application software. 
  • Graduate training in Management Information Systems.
  • Beta-tester for several popular web-oriented applications and technologies.
  • Early career exposure as Systems Developer, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Systems Manager and Supervisor of I.T. Management – in Business Organizations of varying sizes.
  • Successful entrepreneur-promoter of multiple software/internet-centric companies.





  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bengali

Passable Competence:

  • Spanish
  • Urdu

Some Competence in the past:

  • Romanian
  • German
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Uzbek

Basic Knowledge (Elementary/Learning):

  • Russian




  • Community:
    Extensive involvement.
  • Honors:
  • Extra-Curriculars:
    Journalism, Theater, Debate, Extempore Speaking and General Knowledge Quiz Competitions.
  • Sports:
    Dog-sledding, golf, football, rugby, tennis, squash, polo, cricket, sailing.




Available upon request.