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(Request For Proposal)


              •  NEXT STEPS 
              •  CONCLUSION 




        My name is Gairik Banerjee.  I am an American (from Lake Tahoe, near the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley, California), with Residence / tie-backs in the EU (Vienna) and CEE (Ukraina).  I'm currently domiciled in Kolkata (Calcutta, West Bengal, India), the city of my boyhood, where I have (some of) my Indian family, and an involvement in a few small business interests. 
          I have a few websites which I want redesigned.  However, the funds for this are limited. 
          At different times in the past, I had built (and currently maintenance) these websites myself -- using Dreamweaver.  
          I realize that the sites all today look amateurish, dated, and not professional, and need to be redesigned.
          So I want these websites to be rebuilt -- using WORDPRESS -- and to give them a more suitably professional appearance and ‘enduser-feel’
          And I want all this done in a way such that I can continue to do modifications / editing / updates myself, using WORDPRESS and/or Dreamweaver. 
          I am looking for a competent WORDPRESS+Dreamweaver Professional to help me with this current redesign project. 



+ 2 separate associated  Blog sites, and


Just check out the current content on

-- a composite of 3 / 4 very small sites,
which are treated as one single site.


Click Here for 01_


Click Here for 02_
_Content _Notes.php
-- currently not online


Click Here for 03_


Click Here for 04_
-- currently not online


Click Here for 05_
-- place-holder page only


Click Here for 06_
 -- place-holder page only


Click Here for 07_
 -- Under Construction page only


Click Here for 08_
 -- Under Construction page only


Click Here for 09_
 -- Under Construction page only


No Content Notes
Simple website for a Kolkata area Plumber / Interior Decor / Contractor

www.< T.B.A. >
-- currently not online


No Content Notes
Simple website for a South Kolkata area Physio-Therapist

         Some of these websites are already online. Each site has a different purpose.  To understand, view the current content (if any), PLUS the CONTENT NOTES link(s) on this page.  
             •  In terms of Re-work, website #s (2) and (3) above are a breeze and very little work.  Just the selection of some suitable attractive (WordPress/other) theme templates / CSS / header (include) files to control the site-wide appearance. 
             •  #s (4) and (5) above are slightly more sophisticated. requiring the design and creation of databases to be populated with the records that will be pulled by the proposed Directories, etc. discussed on these sites. 
             •  # (6) also requires database-, and blog-, development. 
             •  #s (4), and (6) are slightly more sophisticated projects -- where both concept and content will have to be developed. 
             •  # (7) is a 3-part composite site -- promoting Carrie Hall, an American Model, an e-Commerce site (eventually) to market her line of fashion and novelty products, and to promote our private Party Yacht, the Xanadu, berthed at Tortola, British Virgin Islands, and engaging in Party Cruises in the Eastern Caribbean Sea / Bahama Islands / Gran Canaria / the Moroccan Coast. 
             •  #s (4), (5), (6) and (7) all need to be very search engine-friendly and be marketed well. 
             •  #s (8), (9) and (10) above are also sophisticated projects, but they are projects that will be taken on -- only after the others (#s 1 - 6 above) are completed successfully. 
             •  #s (11) and (12) above are simplistic, basic brochure sites aimed at the local market.  They can each be executed in a day's work, like #s (2) and (3). #s (11) and (12) will also be taken up at a later stage.
         All are registered and hosted on my Domain/Web Hosting account with GoDaddy,com, and this arrangement will continue (help with Domains and Hosting is NOT requested). 



  Dear Sir(s):

        I seek the services of an expert and highly economical Web Designer / Developer to help me with the Re-Design / Development of a few different websites listed here.
          Please review / research ​​​this RFP -- ​INCLUDING the CONTENT NOTES for each website​ (see links on this page), ​​THOROUGHLY and intelligently​, ​and THEN respond by sending me your Proposal -- using the methodology DETAILED BELOW
          Each party (person or company) expressing interest and applying to me to execute the Re-Design / Development of (any of) my websites – will be referred to as an “Applicant” for the purposes of this document. 
          Please Do NOT send me a general message with the Applicant's prices / packages / CV / links to work the Applicant has done for others, as that is not of much interest to me (unless some SPECIFIC aspect of that is portable to me).
          Each Applicant must FIRST review my websites listed on this page [including the CONTENT NOTES], and send me SPECIFIC & Detailed suggestions (with examples) -- with regard to looks, features, content, marketing suggestions, etc. (for each site) -- using the methodology DETAILED BELOW
         I reiterate, for each website to be designed, the Applicant MUST FIRST present to me the look and features that he is proposing -- for that particular website. 
              •  In terms of WordPress, this would be the WordPress Template that the Applicant feels would be ideal for that particular website. 
  •  The Applicant can show me one or more examples of websites that have used that WordPress Template, and therefore have the look-and-feel that the Applicant suggests. 
        •  Ideally, these examples should be websites similar to the particular one of my websites that is being discussed. 
  •  The Applicant may also be requested to justify why he thinks that that is the best look / WordPress Template for that particular site of mine. 
  •  And at this stage, only FREE WordPress Templates would be used. 
        •  Later, once I see traffic to that site going up significantly (which means an uptick in audience interest), I will consider further development / investment. 
          I want to deal directly with the Designer / Coder who will work with me on my sites.  I may not be able to afford the services of a large and expensive firm, with lots of Marketing / Sales / Project Coordination staff. Funds are limited and there is zero appetite to subsidize someone else's overhead. 
          Note also that there may be many more websites in the future -- including much more complex / sophisticated ones than these.  
          I also have a number of friends and associates back in Europe and North America, who have approached me to see if I can help them find an exceptionally good, reliable and yet very economical source for Web Design and related services -- in India, or Ukraine, or some other emerging low-cost IT marketplace. 



           I'm Iooking to start an ongoing engagement and longer-term relationship with a web design/development provider who/which is/are --
        •   Expert(s) in WORDPRESS+Dreamweaver (but can also code using PHP, MySQL, etc., as needed).
•   Great at Web Graphics and at designing superb yet suitable looks for websites. 
•   A COLLABORATOR ready to help/coach me with the redesign / redevelopment of my websites, using WORDPRESS and Dreamweaver.  
•   Proficiency in SEO / HIGHLY-TARGETED WEB MARKETING / etc. is desirable, as these will also be needed at the next stage.  
•   Can meet with me (physically / over Skype / Phone) as and when I ask.



-- Note that most of my websites (except #s 7, 8, 10 & 11 below) are targeted for audiences in the Western World (far afield from India/Indians), and I want the look of the (corresponding) sites to reflect the tastes and expectations of their intended target audience
-- Please review the EXISTING CONTENT (if any), thoroughly. Suggestions are welcome for any PROPOSED CONTENT CHANGES, after Applicant(s) have researched each site in detail, and considered carefully the ambient and targeted audiences. 

-- Then, research and prepare a list of OTHER SIMILAR WEBSITES (belonging to others, unrelated to me) that are analogous in terms of purpose and content, or analogous in other ways, and which look really good and give a very professional impression / image. 

     I will expect to see the websites you have identified as suitable in this regard. This will give me an insight into your mind and tastes and research skills, and tell me if your ideas and style are a match to what I like. 
-- Next, prepare a list, if any, of functionally similar WEBSITES DEVELOPED BY YOU. If you haven’t built anything functionally similar, don’t worry. Send me a few examples of your work with features/looks that you think can and should be ported to (any of) my redeveloped site(s). 



          I will be evaluating Applicants' Proposals based on
  •  Search Engine Friendliness and Internet Marketing Readiness
  •  User-Friendliness (for the audience / end-users / visitors)
  •  Simplicity / Manageability / Practicality (for me, as the site-maintain-er / operator)
  •  Feature-Richness being proposed for the site(s)
              •  Proposed suitable appearance (aesthetics)
  •  Specificity
of their suggestions and ideas for each of my websites. ​
.... PLUS, the
  •  Time Schedule
  •  TOTAL Cost. 




        BEFORE CONTACTING ME or RESPONDING TO THIS AD, please review all sites/info in-depth -- using the Notes (General and Site-Specific) provided herein -- to get a really thorough idea as to what might be needed in each case, and in some detail.  
          Prepare 1 (HTML / other online) document per website, to include --
  •    1 (or more) Free WordPress Template(s) that you propose using for that website. This/ese could be in hyperlink/URL form, or the Applicant can just use the Template he is suggesting to build this particular page itself.
  •    Any (current) Content you want to eliminate, if any. -- SHORT NOTE (Optional)
  •    New Content you suggest adding, if any. -- SHORT NOTE
  •    New Features you suggest adding, if any. -- SHORT NOTE
  •    Detailed and Specific proposals as to how that website should be marketed, and at what cost. 
  •    The Time it will take to complete your proposed Re-design / Development of the website -- if you are given the assignment.
  •    The (Itemized) TOTAL Cost I would have to incur, if I awarded the assignment to you.
  •   Your pricing should take into account the basket of all the websites.
  •    aggregate your proposals for the different websites into one single Micro-site,
[this page that you are reading is a Micro-site which I have created for the purpose of communicating my (Web Design) needs to you]
  adding links to
  •    your professional profile
  •    including all your contact coordinates,
  •    customer and/or reference list (and their contact info). 
          Then email the hyperlink to this Micro-site, using my contact coordinates at the bottom of this page. 
          After I've  had a chance to review your detailed proposal, I'd like to have a telephonic discussion with you. 
          And if that goes well, it will be followed by a face-to-face meeting with me, before a decision is made to award the job to the party most suitable for my needs. 



          Thanking you in anticipation of your early but WELL-RESEARCHED, favorable and compliant response.




NAME : Gairik Banerjee





: 10:30 - 12:30 in the mornings, or
18:00 - 22:00 in the evenings,
Kolkata time.


PHONE : +91 988 34 34 900
     If I don't pick up when you call, please just leave a message (SMS / WhatsApp), including your name, company name, detailed call-back info, the reason for your call and the email address from which you have already emailed me your proposal or response.  If I see a missed call or message, I'll return the call at my next early convenience, as merited. 


3rd Floor, [Walk up, No Elevator, sorry!]
50 Lake Temple Road,
     near Menoka Cinema, Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station / Southern Avenue area,
Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal, 700029,

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