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Introducing you to ... 

    Devenir Capital (DC) -- -- boutique International Securities Trading & Investment Bank.  Now servicing Indian / S. Asian / Africa-domiciled / NRI & other global Investors & Securities Traders, with Euro- / US$- / other Hard Currency-denominated investment products traded on the most reputable & trusted transnational Trading Platforms based in the US / UK / Swiss / EU jurisdictions.  Booking centres in Dubai, London, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Grand Cayman, British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, ...  

    Global investment options, made for everyone!  

  • Don't restrict your investments locally, when you can tap global opportunities.

  • Take exposure to companies, products, ideas and opportunities from International markets.

  • Making global Investments is no longer any more expensive or difficult than domestic investments.

  • Exploit new growth opportunities, access global sectors and themes, invest in global relatable brands whose products and brands you use and love.  

  • Do you find some stocks too expensive to buy?  Do Fractional Investing by Investing in small amounts to buy fractions.  

  • Insulate yourself from constantly high real rates of inflation and currency-exchange loss, Instability and other challenges in your home country or domicile country ... 

  • Access International Private Banking resources, take advantage of the extremely diverse international Derivatives markets, use our bespoke Structured Notes internationally -- including (risk-limited) Capital-Guaranteed products, explore trading in Commodities and Crypto-currencies internationally, invest in International Real Estate, and much, much more ... 

  • Avail of Shariah-compliant resources for Observant Moslems on the Arabian peninsula ... 

  • Engage in Ethical Investment products & portfolios ... 

  • Do your own Trading by yourself on any of our Trading Platforms, or let one of our experienced proffessionals do your trading for you, advising you, in collaboration with any input you may want to provide.  

  • Regulated in Mauritius -- Safe, Stable, Reputable, Top Choice among International Investors of Indian origin. 

  • Access your account balance anytime with our Visa International Debit Cards, which you can use to access your cash 24 hours a day at ATM machines anywhere in the world ...  

  • Option of low-cost Leverage for Indian / South Asian (Asset Management) clients with their own Offshore Holding Companies -- formed, maintenanced & operated seamlessly and transparently by Devenir on turnkey basis, on behalf of clients.  

  • All this from the comfort, convenience, safety, real-time security, privacy and instant online account access on your mobile smartphone, tablet or laptop / desktop computer -- minute-by-minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!  

  • Physically based in Dubai, our Trading Desks and staff are just a local phone call or Zoom / Google Meeting away from you during office hours, or just a few hours flight ... 

    Investing and saving internationally made Easy, Secure and Smart through our platforms.  


  • Easy onboarding, low account minimums. 

  • Invest in fractional stocks


  • Invest through our world-renowned Investment & Trading Platforms.


  • Access our list of Model Portfolios along with world class research and analysis

  • Timely alerts on all your investments.

If you don't know where to invest ... 

  • Access our Thematic Model Portfolios -- they are curated, ready-made portfolios created by celebrated Portfolio- and Asset-Managers from around the world.  

  • With very low minimum investments, invest and take your funds online, all of it with a single click.  

Manage your risk with Well-Diversified holdings 

  • Expertly Managed and Actively Rebalanced to ensure that your portfolio is aligned to your goals & benchmarks.


  • All of this with completely digitized LRS procedure and help with W8-BEN tax form, making compliance ready-made & easy for you.  

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