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DC (Devenir Capital) -- is a fast-growing Dubai-based EAM (External Asset Manager), licensed to provide Financial Advisory services, and regulated in Mauritius.  

A Trading Platforms Access-Provider -- DC advises HNI (High Net-Worth) & UHNI (Ultra High Net-Worth) clients internationally, onboarding them to DC's (Investments | Commodities | Securities) Trading Platforms, and helping clients trade and monitor their investments through real-time online channels, that allow clients to track their investments, and funds, every minute of the day, on highly secure Smartphone Apps and Web Portals. Clients are also able to access and spend their available cash balances anywhere in the world, using an international Visa Debit Card.



DC has lucrative international career, business & local franchise opportunities for individuals (and organizations) matching an IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) or Independent Wealth Management Advisor profile.  

We are actively recruiting Offsite / Overseas IFAs now, to expand our team.



These are SALES Positions.  Our IFAs are first tasked with  

  1. Convincing their HNI / UHNI Clients (Securities Traders & Investors) to onboard on to DC's International Trading Platforms (e.g., Interactive Broker, Investors' Trust, SwissQuote, etc.), and then
  2. Helping said Clients with the onboarding process,  
  3. then getting Clients to Fund their accounts,
  4. and thereafter getting the HNI / UHNI Clients to commence their Investment and Trading activities using (one or more of) DC's Trading Platform(s) ...  
  5. -- all while coordinating closely with the Devenir Operations team(s) in Dubai / Mauritius.  
    Some Clients are confident about directly doing their own trading online on our Trading Platforms, while other Clients may need more hand-holding, accessing expert advice and recommendations input from DC's Experts and Research Teams in Dubai, London, etc. 
  6. For each Client, the IFA owning that Client has to coordinate to make sure that the Client is happy and on the right course.
  7. If a Client agrees, then the IFA must follow the Client's trading activities and account performance routinely, and provide input on any possible ways to improve, streamline or simplify further, to enhance the client's User experience and satisfaction. 


Note that our IFAs typically are NOT SALARIED, but Independent Contractors who work on COMMISSION.  

Our commission structure is generous and transparent, and will be explained during the interview process.

Note that some IFAs who join our network, also have past (and continuing) working relationships with other organizations which operate in the same Financial Services Space and HNI / UHNI Ecosystem, typically offering non-competing products, very different from DC's Asset Management and Trading Platform-based thrust and product mix.

A good IFA can make a very good living working with DC, sometimes even on a part-time / co-working basis.



Our IFA Applicants MUST already have access to HNI / UHNI client-bases -- Securities Traders and Investors (individuals, family offices or other organizations), in the locations in which the IFAs (are typically based and) want to serve.  

Having some EXPERIENCE, training and an EXISTING client-base of UHNI / HNI CLIENTS is CRUCIAL for this job.  


But it would be a very lucrative opportunity for motivated, upwardly-mobile securities and stock-brokers, bankers, Chartered Accountants (and related Accounting / Tax Practioners with Wealthy Clients), and IFAs -- with some experience in the Wealth Management Advisory and Financial Sales Industry.

It is particularly suitable for IFAs who want to set up and operate their own independent practices / offices, under the umbrella of Devenir Capital -- a fast-growing International Wealth & Asset Management infrastructure-providing organization.

DC's IFA Applicants should ideally be fluent in spoken and written English, as well as the language(s) of the clients he / she will focus on (based on their EXISTING client-base of UHNIs / HNIs, their location, etc.).

Familiarity with selling and onboarding Client Investors & Securities Traders on International Online Trading Platforms -- like Interactive Broker, Investor's Trust, SwissQuote, Saxo, ADSS / Orex / MT4, etc. -- would be a big plus. Although, if an IFA does not have much prior exposure to the Trading Platforms function, he/she/they can be trained by us as well quite easily.

DC engages in all aspects of the Financial Securities Trading markets -- throughout the world, including trading in Options, Futures, Derivatives, Precious Metals & Minerals, Other Commodities, Crypto-currencies, Real Estate, a lot of Index-linked products, Structured Notes, etc., as well as Capital-Guaranteed and SIP programs for Clients with a more conservative investment strategy and risk/reward appetite. IFAs having familiarity with, and/or a strong interest in these types of products and markets would be a good fit to our organization.



These are typically not office-based positions.  Particularly post-Covid-19, most DC IFAs work remotely & virtually, from home, or otherwise from the flexibility and comfort of their own premises, in their own towns and countries, often setting their own hours, as justified by the business and client-needs -- leading to less waste of time commuting and much greater productivity.  DC strongly prefers and encourages that.  

Note that we operate globally. Our deserving IFAs may receive opportunities to sell and move across markets.  

But our current thrust is to onboard and serve UHNI / HNI Securities Traders and Investors of South Asian provenance -- India in particular -- given the emerging economic power and growing wealth in the Indian communities and diasporas across the world.  

We are also quite interested in other emerging markets -- Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America.



If you think this (described above) to be a good fit, please use the coordinates below to let us know of your interest in being a part of the global Devenir IFA team -- and we will set up online interviews -- which will be held on virtual platforms like Google Meet, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc.



But whether you choose to consider joining the Devenir family, or not, we wish you the very best of luck in your career as a Independent Financial Advisor.


Gairik Banerjee
for Team Devenir
+1 617 849 8463
Clicking on the Email-link below, should open up a pre-composed Email from you to DC, applying for a DC IFA role.  You will just have to fill-in your Name, Email Address, WhatsApp Mobile #, Location info and other coordinates at the bottom, before sending.
IFA candidates should review ALL the information from -- -- if and when applying to join our team.

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