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  • I am a Silent Investor in a company engaged in Restaurant and Catering operations, Skillet and Griddle P. Ltd., which operates the Tak Heng restaurant brand. 
  • Beyond that, I personally enjoy cooking, mostly meat.  I find that it relaxes me. 


  • I do not currently, but want to -- have my own organic herb- and salad-garden.  Nowadays, I tend to like to eat very healthy most days -- a lot of berries and fruits, salads and soups.  I love a good home-cooked bone broth Borshch and a green salad for lunch or dinner. 
  • I am a 'foodie'!  I like eating out at Fine Dining Restaurants, acting as a food critic, and entertaining.  I find it relaxing to occasionally cook gourmet cuisine -- Contemporary Western, Middle Eastern, Northern Indian ... 
  • My favorite dishes include
    • Sushi (particularly 'Unagi' and ‘Maguro’),
    • Pan-Seared Beef Steak (Filet Mignon / Chateaubriand / Ribeye, Rare/Medium Rare - pink center, cooked 2 minutes per side with dry rubbed Salt and Pepper only, Kobe / Wagyu / Black Angus Organic-Free Range Steer preferred),
    • Honey Barbeque Grilled Pork 'Baby-Back' Ribs,
    • Greek/Turkish/Persian-style Roasted Lamb Shanks,
    • Indian Tandoori-style Boneless Chicken 'Malai' Kebabs,
    • Lemon-Pepper Mackerel (Boneless, Skin-on fish) Fillets with a Goat Cheese-Crushed Peanut-Mustard Seed-Curry Leaf-and-Mango Zest Sauce on a bed of Watercress and Spinach Brown Basmati Rice,
    • Chevon (Goat) & Duck Liver Paté with Puréed Fenugreek,
    • Lightly Braised Hilsa Roe Caviar,
    • Hummus,
    • Babaganoush / Muttabbayl,
    • Tabouleh ...  
  • For rare occasions of Dessert indulgence, I like
    • Marzipan,
    • Dobosh Torte,
    • Cheesecake,
    • Chocolate Caramel Praline Eclairs,
    • Black Forest Cake,
    • Dulce de Leche Toffee,
    • Lemon Tart,
    • Tiramisu,
    • Baklava,
    • Blueberry & Yogurt Varenyky,
    • Málna Lekvár és Mogyoró Túró/Krémsajt Palacsinta,
    • Oatmeal-Pecan Waffles with Maple Syrup,
    • Gourmet Ice Creams and Pastries with lots of fruits, berries, nuts, honey and cream … 


I don't smoke or abuse any other drugs, and very rarely drink alcohol these days, generally only at a few parties with friends and family during the Christmas / Chanukah / Winter Holidays season.  On those rare occasions,

  • I like liqueursBailey’s Irish Cream (Original flavor) is always great. 
  • ‘Gin and Tonic’ and ‘Bloody Mary’ are cocktails I enjoy. 
  • Cardhú (neat, or on the rocks) would be my favorite Whisky (Single Malt Scotch), and
  • “Old Monk” Black Rum from India is the best for a casual Rum-and-coke with friends. 
  • My favorite wines are
    • Eiswein (Mosel Valley, Deutschland, “S.A. Prüm, Graacher Dompropst Riesling Eiswein 2002 Fass 58”),
    • Sherry (“Harvey’s Bristol Cream”, any year, Jerez / Cadiz, España) and
    • EOS “Tears of Dew”, a pretty rare late harvest California white muscatel sweet dessert wine -- 1995 and 2007 were excellent years. 




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