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Family & Location
  • I am single now, divorced before moving from America to Europe (from whence I later moved to India). 
  • I live in Calcutta (Kolkata), India today. 
    • I returned to my boyhood home (a place full of memories of my growing up), to live with my aging parents. 
    • My dad, Ujjwal Banerjee, retired from a multinational corporate / business career, like mine.  And my mom was (and still is) a home-maker. 
    • Several of my friends and cousins deeply regret having lost parent/s -- I am so lucky to have them both with me.  I am so fortunate to be able to enjoy being around my parents in their golden years! A rare privilege indeed for most men whose profiles are similar to mine, international immigrant professionals who left India to settle down in the West, way back in their student years! 
  • I have a younger brother, 'Binnu' (Dr. Priyodorshi Banerjee), who is a brilliant economist and professor at the ISI (a premier University and Research Institute of the Indian Goverment). He is married to a wonderful Marathi girl, my sister-in-law, 'Prachi', a.k.a., Dr. Prachi Deshpandey (from Panghgani in Maharashtra, Western India), who is a historian and scholarly author in her field.  Binnu and Prachi (who both studied, lived and taught in the US also, before moving back to India a few years ago), now live about 15 minutes away from us.  They have 2 young sons, my nephews Peeloo and Hamid, who are everything little cartoon boys are meant to be -- and a source of great delight to my parents (and me, when they are not engaging in an audio-enactment of the Battle of Kurukshetra outside my door)!
    • I also get to be close to so many of my boyhood friends and neighbors and acquaintances, and extended family members, all of whom I was disconnected with (for my entire adult life before now, which was spent in the West from University / Graduate School onwards), and many of whom have grown elderly and lonesome (with their children, if any, far away now), and appreciate me being around all these years later.  I am very blessed and thankful and grateful for this.
  • Below are some of the many people whom I have the good fortune to cherish having a connection to ...
    • Anya -- needs no introduction for those who know me well ...
    • Jhilik, my cousin
    • Teodora, my friend and an Ex
    • Arjun, my cousin
    • Marc, cousin
    • Chini, a cousin and little sis'
    • Riaz, Chini's husband
    • Hulo, my uncle
    • Tintin, cousin
    • Tatu, cousin sister
    • Monica, another friend/Ex
    • Kanchani, cousin sister, same age
    • Kay, cousin and my Big Sister
    • Brenda, cousin, little sister
    • Venky, Brenda's husband
    • Brita, cousin, little sister
    • Anupam, Brita's husband
    • Mithun, cousin
    • Joy, cousin






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  Gairik Banerjee
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