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(Some) Topics that ignite my passion!

•   Ethical Investment -- using the best International (Country- & Currency-Agnostic) Electronic Trading Platforms
•   The ending of Governmental monopoly controls on (Fiat) currencies, that lead to corruption, unnecessary taxation, inflationary Deficit-Financing, over-militarization, war and wasteful spending; and the move to embrace Crypto-Currencies not trackable and/or not controllable by authoritarian governmental apparatchiks.
•   Green/Sustainability Evangelism spanning Energy, Packaging, Construction, Apparel, Agriculture and more.
    •   Universal implementation and execution of sensible Cap-and-Trade laws in every nation. 
    •   Methodical but swift transition to EVs for ALL land-based passenger and small cargo vehicles, eliminating Greenhouse Gas emissions from land-based ICE engines as quickly as possible. 
    •   Methodical transition to Green Hydrogen or Green Ammonia-fuelled options for larger cargo land vehicles, ships, aircraft, etc. 
    •   Harmonic progression in the growth of Utility-scale Renewable Green Energy generation.
    •   Rapid capacity build-out of the most optimal Utility-scale short-, medium- and long-term Power Storage solutions, both Battery-based and non-Electrochemical.
    •   Rapid Mainstreaming everywhere of -- Rooftop Solar, Night-time Solar, Rooftop Wind Power, (power-generating) Solar Surfaces and Solar Windows, and similar innovative new Green Energy Generation technologies.
    •   Rapid Mainstreaming everywhere of -- Home (and on-site) Battery Power Storage solutions, like Tesla's Powerwall.
    •   Rapid Mainstreaming, wherever possible, of -- Tidal, Sea-Wave and Ocean-Current based base-load power generation. 
    •   In colder countries, REPLACEMENT OF Natural Gas and Heating Oil-based generation of hot water, in-home and district-heating solutions, WITH Closed-Loop Geothermal Heating and Cooling, and wherever feasible, some base-load power generation.
    •   Mainstreaming of Radiative Cooling technologies like SkyCool Systems, for air-conditioning and cooling.
    •   Universal implementation of Passive-House mandate for ALL New Construction, and compulsory Retrofitting of Legacy Buildings and Structures -- over aggressive timelines.
    •   Universal mandate for implementation of Waste Heat Recovery to generate electricity (using the legacy "Turbine-Ferry" template) and heat.
    •   Carbon Capture using Algae
    •   Carbon Capture using Seaweed | NPR Release
    •   Direct Air Carbon Capture | Carbon Engg.
    •   Artificial Photosynthesis
•   Sustainably Ethical Treatment of Animals.
•   The Transition to Plant-based and Non-Pain-causing Meat-analogs and Dietary Protein-sources.
•   Undersea Kelp / Seaweed Farming on a grand scale, and on a war footing.
•   AI- & Robotics-driven Integrated Aquaponic Urban Vertical Farming to significantly increase global food production.
•   The Transition, in rural farming districts, away FROM Industrial Agriculture, by corporatized Bulk-Factory Mega-FarmCos, using inorganic pesticides and fertilizers, deep-impact farm machinery, monoculture practices, etc. (which systematically poison, exhaust and degrade the soil, potentially irreversibly, intensively overuse water resources, throwing the water tables out of balance, and generally rape the earth) -- back TOWARDS Sustainable, Organic, Free-range, Fair-trade, Artisanal, Single-Family Farming in rural areas.
•   Mass-Reforestation and the emergency restoration of plant and animal habitats.
•   Global Population Control.
•   The new Hemp Economy.
•   Moving quickly to low-impact, multi-use, Sustainable Packaging.
•   100% Recyclimg of Plastics, including Plastics Recovery from the seas -- to be repurposed for the sustainable production of intelligent new products, like Road Surface Composites and Building Materials.
•   The incentivization and govt.-sponsored creation of an industry to harvest plastics, from the sea, and landfills, etc., including micro-plastics, and thereafter to industrially process the same into suitable new useful products, in an environmentally friendly manner.
See also:
•   A move to minimize the amount of materials used in Packaging.  And whenever possible, to use fully and quickly biodegradable materials, including, but not limited to, Mushroom-/Fungal-sourced materials, and other eco-friendly solutions.
See also:
•   A mandate requiring every producer and commercial user of plastics to pay for and participate in federally administered programs to buy-back and/or re-acquire 100% of the Plastics that they have introduced into the stream of commerce, and to recycle / redeploy / re-dispose of the same in an environmentally-friendly manner, with complete and transparent proof of the whole process, and regular mandatory audits and expensively punitive penalties for non-conformity. 
•   Clean Water.
•   Universal Healthcare.
•   Universal Basic Income.
•   Poverty Eradication.
•   Church-based initiatives to help Children, the Elderly and other vulnerable groups negatively affected by conflicts and threats in the Donbas, Balkans, Caucasus and other areas of CEE (Central and Eastern Europe), (and anywhere else in the world).


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