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Integrated Care Home Complex (ICHC)

I want to promote a concept (which I believe is new) for the development of Church-sponsored integrated Orphanage-cum-Old-Age-Homes, where the Elderly and the Youth are proposed to live with (in close proximity of) each other, support and complement each other, and grow together as family.

  • Into this complex can also be added Homes for the care of the Autistic, Disabled, Homeless, etc. -- other constituencies of the most vulnerable and helpless in human society, people who need our love and assistance just to survive. 
    •  I will henceforth refer to one of these proposed composite Care Home Complexes as an Integrated Care Home Complex (ICHC)
  • Churches already maintain Orphanages, Old Age Homes, etc. (separately).  But there is almost always a shortage of funding. 
  • Combining multiple Care Homes into a single ICHC may result in some savings of Administrative &/ Overhead costs. 
  • Moreover, one of the common complaints of Old Age Home-residents is loneliness and a feeling of estrangement or abandonment from family, being far away from their grandchildren, youth, whose proximate presence might make the Elderly feel more alive, more young, happier. 
  • And one of the most common shortcomings of Orphanages is that the orphans don't get much familial love or guidance from familiar elders. 
  • In this Orphanage-cum-Old-Age-Home Integrated Care Home Complex or ICHC model, these issues can be structurally addressed to cancel each other out. 
  • Each ICHC must be built and maintained in the most eco-friendly manner. 
    • With regard to the buildings/premises, all (outside, and even inside) surfaces capable of generating Solar Power must be made of Solar Paneling material and suitably set up to harness power. 
    • Smart Electricity Usage Best Practices will always be in place, including consumption economy, LED lighting and other efficient equipment, etc. 
    • There will also be mechanisms in place to capture and recycle all Waste Heat. 
    • Every ICHC will function as a Recycling Hub. 
    • There will be an attached Composting Plant for organic waste generated by the ICHC.
    • There will be arrays of Stationary Bicycles in place at strategic locations, which can be used by the inmates for exercize (as in a Gym), but which also will generate electricity by converting the mechanical energy into Direct Current whenever the bicycle wheels start to spin from force applied to the pedals (by humans). 
      • All able-bodied and willing inmates would be assigned a daily period of Stationery Bicycling to generate power for the ICHC
      • The power savings and generations would be used to offset the power bill of the ICHC
  • Within or attached to the ICHC, there must also be at least one (or more than one) For-Profit Business Enterprise(s), ideally housed within or next to the ICHC as well.  
  • New ICHC construction should be done at locations away from densely populated urban areas, in the interest of obtaining less expensive real estate.  And whenever possible, the premises should include some agricultural land, which should be used to operate a working farm, serving the compound.
    • Eligible inmates would work in the farm.  The orphans would learn farming skills. 
    • There should also be included an Animal Shelter and a Veterinary Clinic at each farm.  Here the orphans would receive training in ethical husbandry practices and the humane treatment of animals.  
  • Within or attached to the ICHC, wherever possible, there should also be a Church-run School to provide education not only for the resident orphan children, but also -- on a For-Profit basis, if tenable -- to the local people who live in the community outside the ICHC's gates.  
  • Within or attached to the ICHC, wherever possible, there should also be a Hospital / Clinic to provide medical and healthcare services not only for the ICHC residents, but also -- on a For-Profit basis, if tenable -- to the local people who live in the community outside the ICHC's gates. 
    • The orphans would receive training in services related to Nursing/people-care, Physical Therapy and Hospital maintenance.  
  • The goals of this(ese) For-Profit enterprises is/are
    1. To generate a surplus income that will be used to support / offset / defray the costs of the ICHC
    2. Employ as many as tenable of the able-bodied inmates of sound mind and sufficient capacity. 
    3. Provide professional training to the young orphans / suitable others, preparing them and giving them a leg-up in at least one field of future professional employment in the outside world.  
  • Whenever tenable, a few retired English-Speaking Missionaries and/or Clergy families should be invited to live on-campus, perhaps for free, and minister on the premises, to set the tone for on-campus life at the ICHC
  • All this must be under the guidance of a Christian Minister / Pastorate / Guiding Church / Mission. 
  • I want to see the development of this ICHC model particularly in War Zones / Disaster-affected areas, like the Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine, and other very impoverished regions, like Moldova and Transdniestria.  
    Perhaps also Syria, Iraq, Af-Pak, Yemen, Somali, Darfur / South Sudan, and other areas of concentrated Islamist Terrorist oppression.  




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